Weddings are a lot of work and a lot of details, both big and small. Smith Carriage Company also thinks about details when it comes to our horses and carriage. We take the time to get those details just right, from painting the horse’s hooves black to ensuring the carriage shines; details matter to us.

Photo credit: Emily Kay Photography & Amy K Photography
Special thank you to our happy couples

We feature our white vis-a-vis for weddings. The carriage features wine-colored velvet seats and accent panels. We dress up our Belgians with Scotch collars for an extra touch.

For weddings we often transport the bride to the ceremony where she is met by whomever is walking her down the aisle. We’ll wait for the ceremony to take place and after the nuptials, the bride and groom will make their grand get-a-way in the carriage to take pictures while guests move from the ceremony to reception. This is a wonderful transition and allows the bride and groom a little time alone as husband and wife.

We’ll gladly add flowers and greenery to the carriage to match the wedding colors or you can work with your florist to create small bouquets that we can add for a finishing touch.

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